Cisco Cloud Management

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Cloud Management Tool Alignment

The Goal

To standardize Interactions, components, data visualizations and visual design across the line of Business Edition Cloud Management tools (BE 4000/6000 ).

Feature Enhancements

  •      Auto Attendant

  •      Setup Assistant (Nav)

  •      Hunt Groups

  •      Troubleshooting Dashboard

  •      Voicemail

  •      Software Upgrade

  •      Call Park

  •      Paging

  •      Night Service

User Experience Strategy

Align the interaction and visual treatments with all other emerging products within our organization.

  •      Standardize with the Symphony components library

  •      Exposing the navigation and progress

  •      Manage errors through on page validation

Collaborate with Arcana , a third party dev team, for straightforward development.

  •      Enable continuous development

  •      Provide system navigation and visuals

  •      Focus Infra UX effort on key features

  •      Visual design

Customer Grid

  •      Align formatting and pattern with BE 6000

  •      Using a common header and grid

  •      Implementing the Detail Panel is ahead of the BE 6000 production timelines

Cisco Cloud Management

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) 

  •      Creating a configuration flow in a modal-like window

  •      Align Navigation convention with BE 6000

  •      Common input components

  •      Common “Next” button for guidance and forward progress

Cisco Cloud Management

Auto Attendant

  •      Communicate progress with left navigation

  •      Communicate complex relationships with simple visuals

Cisco Cloud Management